Why should you consider taking the American Auto Shield’s Platinum Plan?

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For car owners it is essential that they receive excellent claims assistance, so that their financial expenses in case their cars are damaged are reimbursed with ease. Consider a situation wherein your car has been damaged in an accident and a part of the vehicle needs to be replaced. With the help of a private car insurance policy, you can ensure coverage of the expenses incurred on repairing and replacing the damaged parts of the car. Now along with the car insurance policy is you have acquired American Auto Shield’s (AAS) Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) or extended car warranty, you can expect excellent claims assistance and coverage of all the expenses incurred on purchasing and replacing parts of your car. With the help of the extended warranty offered by the American Auto Shield , you will not have to pay for any expenses in case of damage caused to your car due to a third party. One of the preferred plans by the American Auto Shield is the Platinum Plan. Some of the coverage offered by the American Auto Shield’s Platinum Plan are as follows:

  • Coverage of car engine related expenses: If you are the owner of a luxury car, then you will know that the parts of such a car’s engine can be quite expensive. Moreover, in order to replace parts like the engine torque strut, cylinder head intake and exhaust valves, flywheel (flex plate) & flywheel ring gear and other similar parts you will need to acquire these from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), which will increase the price of these parts of the ca all the more. Without an extended warranty purchasing these parts from your savings can end up depleting your savings extensively. Thus, when you purchase an extended car warranty plan, it is essential that you ensure that it covers the cost of replacing engine parts.
  • Air conditioning: Most car owners do not think about separately insuring the air conditioning of the car and the parts related to it. Executives associated with the American Auto Shield mention that with the help of the company’s Platinum Plan car owners can ensure coverage of expenses incurred on replacing and repairing parts associated with the air conditioning of a car like, compressor, condenser, serpentine belt tensioner, temperature control unit and other similar parts.

Thus, it is essential to ensure that the extended warranty covers replacement and repairing of all parts of the car. Moreover, it is advisable that you purchase an extended warranty from American Auto Shield to be assured of excellent claims assistance. If you read American Auto Shield Reviews you will find that customers have given positive appraisals of the company’s policies and claims support. The company’s executives will help you evaluate your requirements and also help you in choosing a suitable coverage plan. So if you are thinking of getting an extended car warranty, then consider checking out the assistance provided by American Auto Shield.

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