why its important to do a revs check

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Making a REVS Check is vital for any Australian who wants to buy a used car. It tells you if your chosen vehicle is in the bulky vehicle register, that is, if you still have to give money to the previous owner.

If your favorite car has a residual debt, you run the risk that the concerned creditor will take it after it has taken over.

A free REVS RTA check is available at state government agencies, such as the Roads and Maritime Service (RTA), or a certificate with a small commission is available. But REVS does not give you a complete idea. There are many other important information you need to make sure before you can be sure your car is one of the best. It is important to ask the most difficult questions, such as:

  • Did the car ever have an accident? If so, it may have been deleted and refurbished for sale.
  • Is the vehicle seller really the owner? It can be recorded stolen.
  • Do you have a current record?
  • Has the odometer been altered or the reading is accurate?

All these questions and more can be resolved by purchasing a Veda report. Car History is the only automotive online information office in Australia and the only website you can rely on to provide you with a complete and complete history of your chosen car.

It’s also important to make sure you get the best deal for your money. A Car History report includes a current and accurate evaluation of your car, as well as a history of vehicle sales.

You’ve done your research, got the car of your dreams and talked to the private seller to let them know that you are interested in buying your car at a good price. You should be ready to deliver your money now, but is there something you have not verified?

Do you know if the car has the money due, has it been canceled or even stolen?

“Unless you are in the background, you do not really know what you’re doing,” said Mark Borlace director of mobility and automotive policy for RAA’s chief executive.

“If you go ahead and deliver the hard earned money to the seller, what guarantees that the seller will pay the outstanding finances of the car? The answer, of course, is absolutely nothing.”

But how do you discover the history of a car?

In fact, it’s simple: All you have to do is query through the Personal Security Registry Registry (PPSR).

You can find out if your car has outstanding debts. And even if you are not able to find out the exact amount you have, you will know for sure if there is an active loan in the car.

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