Tips for Maintaining Your RV & Keeping you Safe

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Traveling is exciting, and doing this in an RV makes things a little easier. Now, most experienced RV users know one of the most important things when traveling is making sure that everything is in tip-top shape. This task is mostly left up to you, so the following are a few tips to help keep your vehicle functioning.


One thing to think about is the roof leaking. Most RV experts will tell you to check your vehicle’s roof every three months for leaks. These leaks usually form around open seams near the edges of the roof though it can happen near edges, vents, or skylights. Dealing with leaks is vital for maintaining your RV. This issue can lead to water damage or even electrical damage. The problem is hard to spot because the leak usually seeps in between the walls of the vehicle.


You are going on an amazing adventure, and you need to be able to rely on your RV. One of the most important parts of your RV is the wheels. The wheel’s lug nuts need to be tight enough, and the pressure needs to be checked. Both things are important because it ensures safety while you are riding your vehicle. The immense pressure that the lug nuts and the wheels are under causes lose nuts or depressurized tires. You do not want your wheels to fall off or put your tires at risk of a blowout. It should be noted that underinflated tires could also put additional pressure on your RV, making you waste more gasoline than you would otherwise.


One benefit of using an RV is that you get to take a shower or use water like you would at home, but this also gives you an added chore. It means it is up to you to maintain the RV’s waste water system. The system is quite delicate, and it needs to be maintained using the chemicals recommended always because inadequate care could be dangerous to your family and expensive to repair. Keep in mind that the system will need to be flushed and replaced from time to time. This is usually written in your manual, but you can also talk to you RV specialist just in case.


The brakes are vital for your safety. The problem is that the RV is quite heavy, which puts more pressure on your brakes whenever you use them. The chances are high that you use your brakes regularly, which means they will get worn down over time. Now, most RV brakes are strong enough to withstand all that pressure, but that does not mean they will not give out, which is where a good RV or auto repair in Palm Valley comes in handy. Make sure you check the brakes before you head out on your road trip this year.

These are just some of the things you have to think about before taking off. These suggestions are meant to keep you safe but also keep the RV from needing repair prematurely. Hopefully, you find the tips helpful and the trip exhilarating.

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