Things to remember when tinting your car windows

Tinted windows are very popular now a days because of its aesthetic appeal and also because it has numerous side benefits. Tinted windows can keep the interior of your car from fading, it cuts down on the solar heat and reduces use of AC, tinting has safety benefits too; the film sticks top the glass and prevents it from shattering during accidents. So, the passengers won’t be ejected out of windows or injured by shards of glass.

Learn the law regarding tinted windows

Tinting comes in various grades and all major companies like Tech Teinte will have most of the options available. However, the percentage of tint allowed tends to vary from state to state. So, if you don’t want to get in trouble with the law, first find out to what degree you are allowed to tint your car before proceeding.

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What kind of tint

There are many different kinds of window films available for tinting from companies like Tech Teinte. You can go for metallic effect, mirrored effect etc. there are many different ways of getting tint as well.

  • Tinted glass: This type of glass is tinted from within; i.e. they are tinted during the process of manufacturing. The tint will be considerably mild and will last as long as the glass lasts, however this type of glass is quite expensive.
  • Spray tint: this type of tint is applied through a special paint. The glass needs to be taken out first to apply the tint. The degree of tinting will depend on the number of layers applied to the glass. This is a complicated process which is why most car tint installers don’t do it. However, the tint lasts for a long time as well.
  • Tinted film: this is the most commonly used method of tinting. This is also the easiest and least expensive method of tinting windows. The window needs to be cleaned and treated with a solution, and then a thin film is applied to the glass. The film is polymer and is basically like a sticker. Since this is so easy to apply, you can even do it yourself. However, doing it professionally is recommended if you want the film to last long. You should replace tinted film tint once every five years or so because the adhesive wears out eventually and the film starts to peel.


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