The most convenient offers of car rentals in Romania considering the trip you must make.

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Renting a car has became an usual thing to any vacation, whether you travel outside the border, or you stay in the country. In the same time, this service has became more and more popular among the entrepreneurswho, many times, prefer long term car rental Romania rather than  make an investment into something that will lose it’s value easily.

Still, in order to benefit as much as we can the advantages of renting a car, we must consider more aspects. Here aresome advice to understand what are the most convenient rent a car offers from Bucharest, considering the type of transport we want to ensure.

Confort for a long trip in Romania with Promotor Rent a Car Bucharest Otopeni

If you intend to leave on vacation for a long period of time, the road will definitively be longer too, and you will want to spend this time enjoying as much confort as possible. I’m case traveling by car will be longer than predicted, consider renting a car which, even if will cost you a few additional euros, it will ensure you a vacation of which you will truly enjoy.

Seven seats for the vacations spent in groups

On the other hand, if you want to go on vacation with a numerous group of persons, the option of renting a car with seven seats is the ideal one.  Beside the fact that you can divide the car’s costs, in this period, at Promotor Rent a Car Romania the price of a Dacia Logan MCV type will have a discount of 20%, this being of 40.8 euros a day.

Luxury cars for business meetings

Everyone knows that in business, the tag is important. Even if the services you offer are perfect and your prices are pleasing everyone, the first impression is always the decisive one. Considering the type of meetingsyou have, choose an elegant car, which will offer you some prestige and which will represent you.

Economic and small cars, for the town

For the situations when the rented car will be used more inside the town, most of the drivers choose small cars, which usually have less consum, which can easily go through the intense trafic and for which it’s not hard to find a parking place. More than that, these cars have in this period, at Promotor Rent a Car Romania, discounts which get even up to 50%.

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