The DIY Car Maintenance Tips for You

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When you own a car, you ought to know some essential things about it. And these include the knowledge about the body parts of the car, maintenance and some repairs as well. There are some essential latest Collision Repair technologies available, which make the overall auto maintenance experience quite wonderful for you. Let’s check out the DIY car maintenance tips here. Even if you’re not an expert in automobile engineering, these tips will help you to handle things with very less expense.

Air and Oil filter

Replacing the air filter of your car is a 10-minute task. All you need is finding the old filter under your car’s hood. Understand the fitting of the filter once the casing is opened. Insert the new filter exactly the way the older one was there and close the clips. You’re done. While dealing with the oil filter, remember that the oil filter must not be hot at all. Wait for it to get cooled and then handle it safely. Locate the oil filter beneath the car and unscrew it. Replace it with the new one.

Windshield Wipers

The second most important part of your car that needs maintenance is the windshield wipers. Remember the setup of the wiper blades varies from car to car. Lift the blades with care and remove the older ones. Check out the connection to the metal arms. Attach the new ones. But be cautious for not bending the wipers to scratch the windshield.

Spark Plugs

Aware of maintaining the spark plugs of your car? The wire connecting the first spark plug must be replaced first and then maintain the order, in which the spark plugs are installed. You must use the spark plug extension and the socket to remove these plugs. Install the new one and tighten it properly. However, be careful for not over tightening it.  Once this is done, reattach the spark plug wires and you’re done. This is easy. But, you need to be a bit careful about the connection.

Battery Connection

This is yet another wonderful tips for maintaining the car in a good condition. Some periodic checks will help you understand if your battery really needs maintenance. The battery terminals must be removed by removing the negative terminals first. Clean it with the professional solutions. The posts are then dried with rags. The battery terminals are then replaced. A dead battery is a nightmare. And, it must be maintained properly for avoiding the trouble. It’s advised that thorough checking of the battery must be done periodically to avoid the hassle.

Brakes and Brake Pads

This is yet another important part of the car, which needs proper maintenance. You must be extremely careful, when it comes to safety. Though you can do it yourself, however, it’s advised that you take the help of an expert professional from an Auto Body Shop for maintaining your car properly. Uninstalling and reinstalling it all over again is an expert task and needs to be done with extreme care.

Thus these are some of the DIY maintenance tips of your car.

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