The Advantages of Heated Wiper Blades on Your Vehicle

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Heated wiper blades have become the new frontier of winter gear for vehicles. Both private cars and public vehicles are resorting to install it for its benefits. These wiper blades have a heating component designed to deal with icy cold weather and at the same time not having to resort to dethawing harsh scrapping tools. If you are yet to have them installed on your car or still not convinced that they could be of be great benefits to your car, consider the following facts:

No ice buildup

Ice buildup is common in cold weathers. And with that, it is easy for ice to accumulate on your wipers blades. Resulting in disappointments, and risking to drive with a not so clear windscreen. With the common wiper blades, you may resort to adjust the setting to the highest speed in the quest to avoid ice buildup only to find it is not helping at all, when you are forced to pull over the car to manually remove the ice. Even more stressing, when the weathers is so bad, as in it is snowing, that will mean you will have to make several stops because it can be hard to drive with an iced windscreen. When you opt for heated blades, the snow or ice is melted automatically even without having to set the wipers on high speed.

They are automatic

The wiper blades have a heating mechanism, and are often connected to a defrost system. So where is the defrost system? In your car! It is not a separate car part that you will have to buy. There is a communication that takes place such that when the wipers get the message from the defrost system that it is below freezing point they automatically switch on. You don’t have to keep pressing the button when you think the temperatures are going down, these new wiper blades will do the thinking for you because they automated.

It is ideal for emergency and plowing vehicles

All kinds of vehicles need heated wipers as much as the weather of your areas gets to freezing levels. However, it is obvious that emergency vehicles do not have the privilege of wasting any time on their way to rescuing lives. That is, the situation may not allow the driver to pull over the car in the quest to manually remove built up ice on the windshield.

At the same time, driving with unclear windscreen is even more dangerous because the driver will be on the rush when trying to get the sick person to the hospital, hence increasing the level of risk to all the involved parties. Just as it is with emergency vehicles, plowing vehicles need prompt solutions to vision clouding. And that comes only with heated windscreen wipers that will help melt the ice away within seconds, and prevent snowing on the screen when the car is on.

Perhaps you are thinking, “this heated wiper blades must be too expensive then!” Well, based on the job they do for you and the hassles they will you keep from, of cause they are priced a bit higher than the normal wiper blades. But not expensive for sure, they are reasonably priced.


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