Petrol in diesel car and vice versa

In spite of all the precautions and nozzle design, it is not uncommon to see petrol being filled into a diesel vehicle. And it is also not uncommon to see Petrol is being poured into a diesel tank as well. The first reaction you have is to panic which is nothing but natural.

But we, Wrong fuel Recovery Company, UK is here for you to rescue to you from the misery. One thing you should make sure in case the wrong fuel is put is not to start the vehicle. If you initiate the vehicle, irreparable damage can happen due to wrong fuel circulation. You may contact us in turn which has a 24 hr mobile fuel drain service.

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We have a team of experienced fuel experts. Our trained technicians shall drain the wrong fuel from the fuel tank completely with individual instruments. We are working allowed the UK that too round the clock. To your surprise, over 150,000 cars are filled with wrong fuel in a car every year in the UK. That can be petrol in diesel cars or diesel into petrol cars.

We have a centralised control system in London who will process your request to the nearest available service station and engineer straight away.

We are in the line for long and got a lot of satisfied customers. They all appreciate our skill, safety concern and quick response. You can be back on track within say 60 minutes from the time you contact us. We follow the environmental norms as stipulate by the authorities fully.

And most surprising part is the cost, we are quite competitive. We prime the engine property without air bubbles before restarting. Even we carry sufficient quantity of clean and right fuel for you.


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