Online Auction Houses – Need of the Hour

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People are shifting more and more from physical auction house sites to online auction houses. The primary reason, they get to bid from the comforts of their home plus, are able to afford the most technologically advanced cars at cheaper price.

Now people may disagree over it because you do not have the opportunity to ascertain the vehicle condition. But you are wrong, the vehicles are already ascertained when you import via Auction House Japan.

More about Auction House Japan

The team at Auction House Japan seeks to ascertain each vehicle’s condition before bringing them on board. The servicing, the maintenance, the cleaning and the cleaning are all taken care of by Auction House Japan and the guys there.

Also Japanese people keep their cars in mint condition as they are change lovers and switch to other cars every 2-3 years. So that the cost to carry out servicing of the vehicles remain low. Therefore, you can acquire cars at the lowest possible cost.

At AHJ winning bids are clearly seen and you also view the commission that is to be earned on a sale as a result. The buyer safety option at AHJ is another feature which you will not find anywhere. Since people in Japan are usually upright you will not find cars with for example tampered odometers. Moreover, the regulatory bodies keep check on these auction houses religiously.

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So really, there are no chances to get away with malpractices. At AHJ you get to choose from a variety of leading Japanese brands such as Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, and Mitsubishi. These brands are known for their quality, efficiency in terms of fuel and lesser complaints ration. So why not anyone would be interested in importing Japanese used vehicles?

The reach is worldwide of Japanese Auction House

Yes the reach is worldwide as there are only a handful of Japanese Auction House that exports to world over including Pakistan, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh among others. But remember different countries have different import rules such as customs tax, documentation and on cars which can be imported.

People tend to be skeptical about what they see online they will not get it. At AHJ all these aspects are put to rest because they have liaison with over 145+ auction houses and have access to 145,000 vehicles on a weekly basis. So there is little room that whatever you are looking for they don’t have it.

Also, it is the practice of dealerships and distributors to show something else online/on their website only for you to find that the car you have opted does not exist in actual. At AHJ this can be substantiated by the fact that you have fresher models of cars added on a routine basis. What more you can expect from an auction house?!

The process to get going

Register on the site and deposit an initial deposit money. The money is totally refundable in case your bid is unsuccessful. You can also give your consent to bid in the next live bidding with the same amount. The only time you make payment is when your bid is successful. You can choose from available payment options on the site to conclude your transaction.

You have to understand Japan second hand cars auction should be your one-stop shop for all your used cars need. The reviews are positive from the public and the delivery is timely. However, delivery timings may vary. It could be 15 days to over a month for some shipments.

A lot depends on what shipping option has been utilized and the distance a particular country has from Japan. Much of it also depends on proper documentation, checks and other scrutiny measures that makes the whole import transaction valid and comply with international standards.

As a customer you are required to pay the custom duty and other charges in order to get your imported vehicle cleared from your nearby port. Company is not liable to bear these expenses. For more on charges you can refer to regional website for exact percentages and amounts that will be incurred as part of importing.


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