IBOCO – the Home of Superior-Quality Electrical Components

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In the field of wire management, you can say that IBOCO is the leader. They have been here for 29 years already and since then, their network is constantly increasing. One proof of that is their presence in 37 countries. Not only that their production is increasing as well and as of now, their target is to manufacture more than 170 million ducts a year.

So if you are fitting out your commercial building sometime soon, you should consider casting your order in this company. You can check their website to see all of their products or you can also check Iboco distributor Electriteck. That is right, Electriteck is one of their key distributors and this company is also a comfortable one to deal with.

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What can you expect from IBOCO? What are their advantages?

  1. Innovative

Yes, their products are well thought of as they aim to give their customers an easier time when using them. By using their products, they want their customers to use them in a more comfortable and quicker way.

  1. A trusted brand

The fact alone that they have been standing 29 years ago is more than enough proof that they are liked and trusted. Aside from that, this company is also a subsidiary of Bocchiotti Group which is the Europe’s leader when it comes to wire management products. They also have a number of certifications to their name.

  1. Opportunity

Do you know that this company also offers and sales partnerships to their customers? That is right and you can be assured of their support if you will take this challenge.

  1. Reliable

It is of beyond doubt that this company is committed to providing the best products and services to their customers. Their number of years in this business is more than enough proof for that.

  1. Networks

Their attractive networks are also one of the most notable reasons why you can trust that this company will never scam their customers. No business owner in his right mind would establish a network to a company with bad reputation.

Electriteck is just one of their networks or distributors. You can check the IBOCO products on their website and of course, you can also check them in the IBOCO website as well.

When it comes to electrical products, it is always best to get them from a trusted company.

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