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There are many occasions when a restroom trailer is required by someone. There are different types of trailers required for different purposes. You can buy a trailer according to your requirement,  some of the type of trailers are as follows: restroom trailers, shower trailers, gap trailers, single unit trailers, transport trailers etc. when you  require a restroom trailers, you always wants some facilities which must be present in it. The things which you require in a restroom is said to be restroom trailer inventory.


There are many different features which are provided with a restroom trailers are as mentioned below;

  • It has most of the things which a particular room must have.
  • It has things belonging to modern time.
  • All facilities you get in your home provided in a restroom trailers too.
  • It has ducted air conditioning with a warm strip.
  • Additional features include hardwood doors and lever door knobs.

Thus the different types of features are provided with different types of restroom trailers.


There are many types of restroom trailers like three station restroom trailers, two station restroom trailers, ten station restroom trailers etc. Each of these restroom trailers has different features like some have private room with private entrances and some have also locking doors, similarly as the type of restroom changes its features changes simultaneously. Some examples of different type of rest room along with features are as follows;

A five station restroom trailer has a water proof poly package. It has also the trim base cabinet is also a durable and water proof poly material. While easy clean ceramic sinks are included with a water conserving valve.

A five station lavatory trailer includes white container sinks with metered faucets, deluxe lighting package with LED lights and wall sconce lights. Additional features include hardwood doors and lever door knobs.

Similarly a different restroom has different feature.

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