Different Types of Boat Engines

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If you’re an owner of a motorboat, speedboat, or any boat that is powered by an engine, then you probably know how important these things are. They’re the ones that run or make the boat work.

Finding the right boat engine for your boats can be hard. You need to make sure that everything about it fits or complements your boat. You need to know every detail about it to prevent any errors and to avoid any accidents during your sail. So now, to make it easier for you, you need to know what the different types of boat engine are. This way, you will be guided. So now, here are some of them

  • Gas Inboard Engines

These kinds of engines are perfect for maritime use. It commonly used in tow sports boats to large cruisers.  Its horsepower runs from 90 to 1000 horsepower per engine. This boat engine can give you so many benefits such as low running cost, low maintenance, etc.

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  • Diesel Inboard Engines

This type of engine, rely on the compressions to the power engine. They may have a resemblance to the traditional gas engines with its cylinders, piston, and crankshafts, but their fuel systems are more complex and completely different.

  • Outboard Engines

This is a self-contained, portable unit which consists of a gear case, a propeller, and an engine.  It is attached to the rear section of the hull, also known as the transom of a boat. You can choose from two strokes or a four-stroke design.

  • Stern Drive Engines

Stern Drive Engines can be classified as both inboard and outboard. It is because it has these characteristics that can be found in both kinds. This engine is a four-stroke engine which is suitable for marine use.  This engine is positioned inside the boat.

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