Best Car Insurance Companies 2017

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It is always important to do a comparison of top car insurance companies — whether you plan to get auto insurance for the first time or you plan to switch policy providers.

According to reports, car owners rarely change policies for several years. This means, if you are likely to follow this trend, you really need to get a policy that will work well for you for a long period of time.

But here’s the thing: rates change over time, as well as the kind of coverage an insurance policy can give. This makes a comparison of top car insurance companies necessary; you wouldn’t want to stick with a policy from a company that no longer works for your specific needs.

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Here’s a list of the in the best car insurance companies in 2017 to help you find the best policies:

Amica Mutual Insurance — This company often comes on up in consumer reviews for insurance (not just car insurance). And this is for good reason. Amica offers the best rates in many states. It also gives offers dividends for certain policies, such as auto insurance and home insurance.

Nationwide — Another company that often comes up on the top ranks in consumer rankings for insurance companies, Nationwide is best known for its car insurance policies. But because it has other insurance products, the company is a good fit for people looking for bundle insurance policies as well.

Erie — The company operates in 13 states, so it may not be an option for everyone. This is unfortunate because they offer really great benefits and incentives — such as a rate lock, accident forgiveness programs (for customers who have been with Erie for three years), and diminishing deductibles (which can reduce your deductible for every year that you have no insurance claim).

Geico — A popular brand which offers, for a minimal add-on, an emergency roadside assistance program and a mechanical breakdown coverage for cars up to 15 months old and newer (as long as it has run less than 15,000 miles).

American Family — Among the top ten largest car insurance sellers, American Family is available in 19 states. It has unique options such as insurance for people who use their cars for Uber or Lyft services and an accidental death dismemberment program.

Travelers — An enduring name in insurance, Travelers is a good choice for people who want to buy more than one product from one company. It has a program that gives you discounts if you drive 13,000 miles or fewer in a year.

MetLife — This company is giant insurance but is considerably new in the auto insurance industry. But it is still a very good choice. A notable benefit is its good driving discount (which can offer around 12 percent discount for people with good driving record).

Farmers — The company’s incident forgiveness and accident forgiveness programs are very popular among car owners.

Mercury — Good for basic insurance plans, Mercury has impressive add-ons such as identity theft protection.

21st Century — The company offers good rates, but do not have personal agents so most businesses are done online and on the phone.

A good comparison of top car insurance companies is crucial if you do not want to overspend but want to get the best coverage. Here are some more tips:
A good comparison of top car insurance companies is vital if you want to get most of your money. At, we aim to help you find the best auto insurance that fits your budget.

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