Benefits of a Heated Windscreen Wiper

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Technology is constantly evolving and generally improving.  One improvement that may have been overlooked by many people is the introduction of the heated windscreen wiper.  This clever device has made life easier for many people and can do so for you!

The heated windscreen wiper offers a range of benefits to truck drivers and private drivers.  It is particularly beneficial when you frequently have icy conditions but still need to get out and about.  Being trapped at home is simply not an option.  Many drivers already have snow tires to assist on snowy and icy days; however, they can waste many minutes scrapping the car free enough to see where they are going.  Whilst minutes may not seem that bad they can add up!

Crystal Clear Blades offers a range of heated windscreen wipers to a range of vehicles; you are almost certain to find your vehicle on the list.  You will not regret purchasing these impressive accessories; they provide you with a range of benefits:


It can frustrating or even life threatening when you need your vehicle but are unable to use it due to ice build-up, on the screen.  This is often the case when you are rushing off to work, need to get to a meeting or even just to get the children to school; on time!

A heated windscreen wiper will effortlessly clear your windscreen in moments; leaving you with perfect visibility to get where you need to go.  There will be no more sitting in the car waiting for the ice on your screen to melt!


It is actually illegal to drive your vehicle without being able to see where you are going properly.  As well as being illegal it is extremely dangerous.  With limited visibility you are more likely to fail to stop at a junction or not register a car travelling the opposite way to you.  The combination of these factors can result in a dangerous and potentially deadly collision.

To ensure your safety and that of those travelling with you it is essential to purchase the heated screen; you will dramatically increase your chances of avoiding a nasty collision.

Ease of Use

You may be surprised to realize that the heated windscreen wiper can be fitted very quickly; whether by an amateur or a professional.  It fits in the same way as a standard wiper; this means it can be added to your vehicle in just a few moments by a professional team.  In addition to the wiper your vehicle will be fitted with several sensors.  To use the heated wipers simply turn them on as you would usually do. All the wiring has been taken care of for you!

The wipers will have heated added to them if required; the sensors fitted at the same time as the wipers will help the system to establish whether the heat needs to be turned on or not.

A heated wiper blade will melt everything in its path; this means that every time your wipers go across the screen you will be left with a clear and clean area to see through.

There is no doubt that these are the wipers you need; the heated windscreen wiper will make your life easier and safer.


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